Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here is today's puzzle. If you think you know the answer, please post it in the comments section.

The Omnimart is having a sale. If you buy toilet paper and bananas, you get a discount equivalent to $(rolls of toilet paper bought/4*pounds of bananas bought/20) on baked goods. If the discount is higher than the amount spent on baked goods, no discount is given. 6 rolls of toilet paper cost $3, a pound of bananas costs $1.25, a gallon of ice cream costs $3.50 and a bagel costs $0.65. If you are on a budget of $50 and you buy 18 rolls of toilet paper, 5 gallons of ice cream and 20 bagels, how many pounds of bananas can you buy without going over budget?


  1. Rounded down to the nearest tenth, I say 10.2 pounds of bananas. Sounds like a fun party!