Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here is todays puzzle. If you think that you know the answer, please post it in the comments section. This puzzle is worth 3 points in the Summer Competition.

Omnimart is having another sale. Discounts are avalible on American, Swiss and Limburger cheese, peanuts and chocolate milk. The discount on Limburger cheese is (blocks of Swiss cheese bought*4)%. The discount on Swiss cheese is (blocks of American cheese bought*3)%. The discount on American cheese is (blocks of Limburger cheese bought*3.5)%. The discount on peanuts is (blocks of cheese bought)%. The discount on chocolate milk is (blocks of American cheese bought*blocks of Swiss cheese bought*blocks of Limburger cheese bought*cans of peanuts bought/1000)$. The prices of the products are listed below.
Block of American cheese: 3.00$
Block of Swiss cheese: 4.00$
Block of Limburger Cheese: 5.00$
Can of peanuts: 1.50$
Gallon of chocolate milk: 3.00$
You are on a budget of 80$. If you buy 7 blocks of American cheese, 5 blocks of Swiss cheese, 10 cans of peanuts and 3 gallons of chocolate milk, how many blocks of Limburger cheese can you buy? You can't buy a partial block of Limburger cheese.

The answer will be posted on Wednesday.


  1. This is much easier than the triangular numbers problem, yet worth three points? RIP OFF!

  2. I take that back. Obtaining my answer was more difficult than I anticipated. I'm going to go with four blocks of Limburger cheese putting the total cost at $75.06